Why Men Make Great Nurses And How To Get Started In The Field

Historically, women have dominated the nursing field. There are a plethora of reasons for this, but it often goes back to that women are typically looked at as caregivers. But that’s changing, and many men are now finding that a career in nursing is just as rewarding as any other job in medicine. Although the stigma persists that men can’t be nurturers, a trait necessary to be an effective nurse, the fact is that that’s not true, and there are many reasons that men make excellent medical caregivers.

Why Men?

According to Visiting Angels, around 40 percent of caregivers today are men. This underscores what many have always known, and that is that men can be just as nurturing and attentive as their female counterparts.

Becoming A Nurse

Becoming a nurse is no easy feat. It requires education and dedication to the industry. This makes it difficult for many men and women alike who already have full-time jobs. Fortunately, there are many online nursing programs through top colleges such as Western Governors University. This way, you have a flexible opportunity to obtain the degree you need for the career you want.

There are many different paths to nursing. The California Board of Registered Nursing explains that this could be anything from military corpsman experience to a bachelor of science or masters program. Some may even break into the field as a nursing assistant, which often comes with on-the-job training and certification.

An In-Demand Career

Nursing is one of the most in-demand careers of modern times. Not only does it offer career stability and excellent pay, many nurses find that they have the flexibility to change schedules or shift in and out of one specialty with ease. Something else to consider, particularly for single men who would like to see the world, is that there are lots of travel opportunities available in the world of nursing. This is because of a shortage of qualified healthcare workers, meaning that many hospitals will hire temporary help at premium pay.

Working as a nurse is also an excellent way to experience work/life balance, which so many men crave. It offers opportunities to work in longer shifts, leaving more days of the week open to pursue other endeavors. And for those who seek to save, there are plenty of opportunities for overtime. Health eCareers further notes that nursing is an active job, so it’s a great way to stay in shape. And, with an average pay of more than $30 per hour and most nurses taking home more than $11,000 per year in overtime, it’s a high-paying career that can help young adults save for retirement even when working an entry-level position.

Something else to consider as telemedicine becomes increasingly popular is that nursing may even provide plenty of remote work opportunities for men who wish to stay home to care for children or aging parents.

Types Of Nurse

For men seeking to work in a particular area, nursing also makes sense. For every medical practice and discipline, there is an army of nurses supporting the physicians that provide care. A nurse might work in a neonatal unit, as an oncology nurse, or, a more higher-paying career as a nurse anesthetist. Some nurses go on to work with students in public and private schools while others take a turn toward education and share their knowledge with the next generation of healthcare providers.

If you are a man looking for a new career or a career change, don’t count nursing out. Although it is traditionally a female-dominated area, more and more men are recognizing their value when it comes to nursing care. Start the process by choosing the right education, and, remember, if you don’t like your first role, the opportunities in healthcare are almost boundless.

Authored by Julia Merrill

Image via Pexels

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