3 Ways Technology is Impacting Healthcare Recruiting

Recruiting is so competitive that your talent search must go beyond placing an advertisement and waiting for resumes to come in. This especially true in healthcare, where demand for talent always exceeds the supply.

As technology improves and social media becomes even more of a behemoth player in the market, recruiters must adjust their strategies to work alongside the changing competitive landscape. Here’s how high tech is changing healthcare recruiting.

Social Media and Your Recruiting Efforts

We all know the influence of social media in the cloud. Recruiters can now use social media to their advantage by conducting a low-cost but high-impact grassroots campaigns to reach new talent. Recruiters can make use of a multichannel marketing strategy to build up a company’s organizational culture. They can use these channels to increase perception of a positive brand image in the marketplace. One example is to create and share video testimonials from employees. You can also invite employees to share job details with their own social networks, thus improving the reach of your recruitment efforts.

While social media has many positives, you must also manage online reviews of your company to ensure your brand has a positive image with job seekers. Candidates are no longer passive and almost always research your company before deciding to apply.

Using Smart Technology to Increase Applicants

The days of manual tasks in recruiting are waning, as automation takes much of the busywork out of the job. Today’s sophisticated applicant tracking systems (ATS) can help you build a wider network of more qualified candidates. Marketing automation can post ads to multiple job boards at the click of a button. It can also automate candidate communication, help you schedule interviews, and record details on what happened during the interview process.

All this automation helps improve your candidate customer experience. Candidates should no longer have to wait to hear back from you on the status of their candidacy. State-of-the-art ATS technology can do everything from letting candidates know you received their application to letting them down easy when you’ve filled the role internally. It will also help you build an organized database of candidates you can reach out to periodically with an automated recruiting email just to stay connected.

There is also a whole host of applicant testing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products on the market today. Many of these applications use intelligent machine learning algorithms to help screen candidates. Whether it’s personality testing sales reps, pre-employment assessments, cognitive ability tests or job-knowledge testing, these are all good ways to help qualify a candidate’s skills, no matter what industry you’re in. However, in healthcare, credentials are important, but measuring attitudes, behaviors, and motivation are equally important. It is in this way that technology can help determine the difference between a solid candidate on paper and real-life skills that will set them apart in your healthcare facility.

Today, using technology in healthcare recruiting will help you streamline your efforts, work smarter, and qualify better candidates faster. National Recruiters believes in putting these state-of-the-art tools to work on behalf of our clients. Connect with our healthcare recruiters about better hiring through the use of smart technology tools.

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