A Year in Review: 2018 Impacting Healthcare Industry Trends

We have certainly experienced a tumultuous ride in healthcare this year, and PwC says 2019 will probably follow the same uncertain pattern. The global consulting firm shared some research recently with Healthcare IT News. In it, PwC highlighted 12-of the most innovative, exciting and risky developments in the field that are expected to leave a lasting impression. What are they?

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The tripod of automation – AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, will definitely have an impact next year. PwC reports three-quarters of all healthcare executives surveyed plan to use these tools.

2. We’re not done with health reform

While many expect the states will make some key decisions next year, but healthcare reform is not over. PwC recommends continued focus on the state compliance laws, especially health systems with diverse geographic footprints.

3. Medicare Advantage grew in 2018

PwC says to expect more of the same. Hospitals are cautioned to avoid penalties by ensuring timely member notifications, up-to-date provider directories, and robust service networks.

4. Healthcare intermediaries evolving

PwC suggests re-evaluating contracts with industry middlemen. PwC suggests these contracts should be based on more than just volume, and instead, on clinical management outcomes.

5. The opioid crisis

In 2018, hospitals upped the ante on care management programs during the crisis. This trend will continue next year.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) security

Hospitals will continue to add more internet-connected devices for patient homecare and remote monitoring. PwC says this will open the door for hackers, putting hospitals at risk.

7. 2018 was about the patient experience

Under value-based care, patient engagement, experience and satisfaction will continue to remain important for years to come. But 73 percent of hospital executives surveyed say it’s tough to balance patient experience against patient satisfaction and employee job satisfaction. It’s something we’ll be sure to work on next year.

8. Price transparency is coming

The issue hit the news heavily this year, and with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recommending price transparency next year, the issue isn’t going away.

9. Advanced payment and delivery expanding

In 2018, Accountable Health Communities organizations received big money from CMS. This trend will continue.

10. Health systems investing in business intelligence tools

Many organizations invested heavily in data analytics tools this year. Healthcare organizations including big pharma will continue to crunch the numbers next year.

11. Staying prepared in uncertain times

Given the flurry of adverse weather events this year, health systems need to invest in hardened facilities that will keep the lights on in the event of a wildfire, flood or other natural or human-made disaster.

12. Tax reform will continue

Hospitals will need to invest in updating financial reporting systems again next year. PwC recommends organizations audit their internal platforms to ensure compliance with rules for 2019.

To 2019 we go…

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