Spare Time? 8 Nursing Career-Boosting Podcasts You Can Listen to on the Road

Being a home healthcare nurse means spending countless hours in the car driving to and from patients. While this time may feel like a waste, a nurse can take advantage of these “lost” hours and use them to further their career by listening to podcasts. So, what are the top podcasts nurses should check out in order to boost their careers?

The Top 8 Nursing Podcasts for Career Success

These podcasts are well worth the time and serve as excellent resources for nurses of all levels and practice areas.

1. Ausmed: The Handover Nursing Podcast

Based in Australia, the Ausmed podcast provides nursing information and healthcare stories. An enjoyable and entertaining example of great storytelling for a diverse, international audience.

2. Correctional Nursing Today Podcast

A podcast specifically for nurses who practice in correctional facilities. The podcast examines the challenges and concerns nurses face who care for patients in correctional institutions.

3. Daily Nurse: Nursecasts

The Daily Nurse podcast provides a wealth of information on topics like maternal mortality and the complexities of the ER.

4. EKG Podcast: A NRSNG Educational Podcast

A podcast solely focused on heart rhythm concerns; it is a wonderful resource for nursing students. The EKG Podcast focuses on recognizing various types of cardiac dysfunction such as AV blocks and AFib.

5. Evidence-Based Nursing

The Evidence-Based Nursing podcast presents research that is important to nurses. Topics covered range from dialysis to pain control.

6. FreshNP

An Acute Care Nurse Practitioner hosts this podcast. It is an excellent resource for current NPs and NP students. The podcast covers a wide range of topics from choosing the right degree to bedside concerns.

7. FreshRN

An excellent resource for nursing students, FreshRN provides real-life advice to new RNs. It also covers how to deal with work stress.

8. Dartmouth-Hitchcock: Geriatric Nursing

This podcast is a joint project with Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Centers for Health and Aging. Lectures cover healthcare issues and concerns for elderly patients. A Q&A session is included in these sessions. There are 77 episodes available.

Moving Forward

The travel time experienced by home health nurses can be extensive. Thus, it is best to use this time developing one’s self by listening to nursing podcasts that will not only inform and provide insight into day-to-day situations but also boost future career prospects.

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