Use Your Healthcare Experience to Recruit Healthcare Talent!

What do you get when you combine healthcare, which is our country’s number one employment sector, and an unemployment labor market below 4 percent? The answer is huge opportunities for healthcare recruiters.

The demand for healthcare talent requires healthcare recruiters to learn the market and have a knack for staffing. There is big demand for recruiters that can find healthcare talent in our tight labor market. If you’re looking for a hot job, a healthcare recruiting career is something to consider.

What’s Healthcare Recruiting Like?

In the old days, recruiting was one of those jobs, like sales, that you just kind of fell into. Today, recent college graduates seek out recruiting roles because the jobs are both stable and lucrative. We’re even seeing an influx of healthcare clinicians that take on recruiting roles to either make extra cash or reinvent their career path while still using the connections they’ve made.

Some of the skills necessary to take on the role of recruiter include:

  • Excellent communication skills on the phone, in person and electronically.
  • Perseverance and great follow-through skills to pursue candidates.
  • A marketing or sales background will be helpful in order to find new ways to promote the role you’re filling or the candidate you’re placing.
  • Creativity is very important. The healthcare recruiting field is very competitive, so if you can find new, interesting ways to get the attention of candidates, you will do well in this field.

Healthcare recruiters have these skills, and are very people-centric. The people and organizations they serve constantly challenge healthcare recruiters to improve their efforts. It’s a rewarding career that allows you to work directly with a diverse array of people and companies.

But what are the benefits and drawbacks of a healthcare recruiter role?

Pros and Cons of Healthcare Recruiting

One of the biggest positives of healthcare recruiting is you are positively impacting the lives of people. Recruiters help a person get their dream job – or at least one that is financially stable and pays the bills. They also help healthcare organizations find talent at a crucial time when the field is expanding and desperate for more.

Healthcare recruiting allows you to make as much or as little as you desire. Because you work with a variety of people, the job is interesting and challenging. Every day is different and filled with highs and lows of successful placement or lost opportunities. It’s one of the fields that will definitely use – and pay for – your higher education.

Some of the cons of recruiting include the extreme highs when you place a candidate and lows when you don’t. Since your pay is typically tied to successful placements, the lows usually mean a thinner paycheck. But with resilience, your efforts will pay off. It does mean that recruiting is a bit of a roller coast emotionally, however.

Getting Started in Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare recruiting is one of the hottest fields today; with lucrative commissions come opportunities for advancement. If you’re interested in exploring healthcare recruiting, contact our top healthcare recruiters today.

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